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NBBJ Collaboration

Multiple Projects

NBBJ, a global architecture practice with 10 offices and over 700 employees, needed on-the-ground expertise and representation for a number of large, complex projects in the Arabian Gulf Region. Qattan Architects worked seamlessly with them as consultants on a number of these, including the Jordan Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, the Kuwait University College of Science and the Kuwait Ministry of the Interior Criminal Evidence Headquarters.
Our scope on these projects teamed with NBBJ included services QA typically offers to architecture firms, such as on-site representation to liaise with Kuwaiti officials and communication with all stakeholders throughout the project. On projects that require large teams, we can also recruit and manage suitable consultants and coordinate the work of team members, setting up communications protocols and logistics. We resolve file format standards and translations, and our expertise in BIM has been instrumental in streamlining and expediting complex projects.
For architects working in Kuwait from abroad we specialize in helping accommodate to local conditions. This often means consulting with international designers on the materials, details, and tone of vernacular architectural traditions and cultural practices. Similarly, QA locates suppliers and necessary substitutes for furnishings, finishes, and other specified products, documenting purchases in detail to facilitate the contracting process.
Our smooth operation as team members with NBBJ has led to other ongoing collaborative relationships with international offices and to substantial growth in both our scope of work and the size of our workshare .


Kuwait and Jordan